2014 – Acadian World Gathering

The meeting of the Haché and Gallant family will be held in Kedgwick, in Northern New Brunswick on the 16 of August 2014.

Association of the Haché and the Gallant

The annual meeting of the Association will be held on the 20th of October 2013, at O Régal restaurant at 2 pm. All the Hachés and the Gallants are welcomed.
Membership cards will be sold before the meeting.

Organization Committee

Roland Gallant is the organizer of the 2014 gathering for the families Haché and Gallant. He will be at the meeting so to let the people know what they can expect of the 2014 gathering. He can be reached at the following number : 1 (506) 284-2473


There will be a proposition to amend 3 items in the Constitution. Since the Constitution is in French I will only give a summery of the changes. In short what will be amended is that the annual meeting will henceforth be held before the end of December of the year of the Acadian World Gathering. Consequently the membership card will be good for five years.


We would like to wish everyone a warm welcome to our website.

Our Association was founded in 1984, during the bicentennial of the province of New Brunswick, but it was only incorporated in 2005 under the name of : Association des familles Haché-Gallant d'Amérique Inc.

If your name is Haché, Hachey, Hachez, Hachi, Hachey, Aché, Ache, Achee, Gallant. Galland, Gallan, Galan, or other similar spelling, you are a descendant of our family.

The Association's main goal is to coordinate the activities and efforts of the Haché-Gallant family by providing the following services :

  1. Organize and promote reunions for the descendants of Michel Haché-Gallant.
  2. Exchange historical information and genealogy data for our family.
  3. Establish a secretary's office to manage the archives and promote research.
  4. Provide our members, through our web site, with a considerable amount of genealogical information on the Haché and Gallant families.
  5. Maintain a good relationship with the FAFA (Fédération des Associations de Familles Acadiennes) of which we are a member.

Our main goal is to promote interest for all descendents of Michel Haché-Gallant and invite them to take part in our Association and the different reunions we organize, We would also like to make you proud to be part of our large family. We are always glad to meet, be it only through Internet, anyone belonging to the Haché-Gallant family.

Our Association took part in all three CMA Reunion that have been held. The first one in 1994 (South East New Brunswick), next in 1999 (Louisiana), and the last one in 2004 (Nova Scotia).

The next CMA of 2009 (World Acadian Congress) will be held in the Acadian Peninsula from August 7 to August 23 2009. The Haché-Gallant family reunion will take place on August 8th in Lamèque, N.B. We will have another reason to feast in 2009 as we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Association. We therefore ask you to reserve this date as it will be a great occasion to strengthen our family ties.

We would like to encourage you to become a member of our Association. It will help us promote ties of kinship and of friendship within our family, and give us the possibility of exchanging genealogical information.

But first, we are hoping to welcome you soon in our Association.

Board of Directors